The Ironstone Cardinals

Ironstone and earth on canvas. 2021

90cm x 90cm

The central section of this piece is a canvas panel stained with a pigment I made using ironstone rocks from the North York Moors; small pieces I found near the old Sheriff's Pit mine, just east of Blakey Ridge.

The other four panels are canvas stained with earth; earth collected from the four locations indicated by the cross on the map: one to the north; one to the south; one to the east; and one to the west; of the central location that yielded the ironstone rocks.

The four cardinal points of the compass.

The cross on the map - indicating the points at which the ironstone and the earth were to be collected - was found engraved onto three small pieces of slate, in the churchyard of St Andrew's in Ingleby Greenhow; a village on the western edge of the moors, and a place that has strong associations to the old ironstone industry that once dominated in the area.

The small, three-piece slate cross can be found near a broken, stepped stone plinth, on the right, at the end of the path leading south-west from church porch doorway towards a small brook.


The small, three-piece slate cross (lower left), near the broken, stepped stone plinth, in the churchyard of St. Andrew's, Ingleby Greenhow.

The three-piece slate cross, and the broken stone plinth.

These photographs were taken in September 2021, and I would hope that the small slate cross is still where I found it... - should you ever be near Ingleby Greenhow and like to visit the churchyard.

The small church itself being well worth investigating.