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The Dark Fan

Wax and slate dust from Corris, North Wales.
80cms x 43cms x 7cms.

Towards the end of the 1970s the idea of creating 'objects' began to emerge.

I use the word 'object' - rather than 'relief' or 'sculpture' - partly, because that's simply how I thought of them, and partly because the idea that these pieces had been 'found', rather than created, occurred to me alongside the ideas for the objects themselves.

Later pieces - such as 'The Dark Buld', and 'The Book Of Hosts' - would have a 'narrative of discovery' to sit alongside them. But 'The Dark Fan' has no history to accompany its existence. It just emerged, still-born, from a few days spent exploring the rugged landscape around the Cadair Idris and Castell Y Bere, in North Wales.