<back Spring Equinox: 1979  

Earth (Blackstone Edge) on canvas, with sea salt and wax.
102cms x 184cms x 6cms. In four sections.

'Spring Equinox' was one of the earliest earthstain pieces I made that incorporated other materials, alongside earth from a specific location; in this instance sea-salt and wax.

I'd always been intrigued by the fact that much of our upland landscape had once been submerged beneath ancient oceans, and that the remains of small sea creatures could be found on wild open moorland, and at the tops of high hills.

Combining sea-salt with the dark earth of a Pennine escarpment, seemed to me to be a perfect way to reflect on these ideas; along with wax as a symbol of renewal for the Spring. The moon, and the waxing and the waning of the earth's ancient companion, being for me a part of any 'landscape'.