<back One Breath (Greenwich): 1973  

'One Breath'
A small excavation of 0.071 cubic feet: the volume of one breath.

On the Meridian Line, Greenwich*, South-East London.

Another 'small excavation'; and another reminder of the relationship
we have, both with time and with the physical nature of our planet...

Dust to Dust, and Ashes to Ashes, perhaps...
but also a small symbol of a person 'passing this way'...

*Greenwich: When I moved to London in 1966 the River Thames was still
being used as a commercial waterway, and I found myself continually
drawn towards the remaining parts of dockland and to Greenwich in particular.

'The Cutty Sark', on Ballast Quay, was still essentially a locals' and a sailors' pub,
with a curious mix of characters who all seemed somewhat 'exotic',
to a boy who'd grown up on a housing estate in Leeds!

Greenwich Park, with its view out over what was later to become
Canary Wharf and 'Docklands', was a favourite spot for gazing and dreaming...
and it seemed a most appropriate site for the second
'small reminder of transience and time'...

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