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Landscape Detail:2

Oak leaf 'pigment', and earth-stain on canvas (using water from the adjacent river Colne); with two oak twigs.
All sourced from one tree/location. OS grid reference: SE 03492 12153 (Link to OS map).

122cm x 122cm

The first, simple 'earth-stain' paintings, of the early 1970s, eventually began to incorporate various forms of traditional 'paint', as a way of introducing colour into the work - as in 'Green To Grey:Seven Miles' in 1982; because, at the time, I had no idea how I might extract a reasonably reliable 'pigment', from any locally sourced natural vegitation.

However, having discovered, fairly recently, that it's possible to extract the 'chlorophyl' from leaves, and from other plant material; I've now started to 're-visit' some of the pieces I made in the early 1980s; as well as planning a series of new works, incorporating natural dyes, alongside earthstain, and other pigments derived from local stone.

The photographs below, are of the riverside oak tree from which the chlorophyl and the twigs for 'Landscape Detail:2' were sourced; along with a satellite image of the location, and the provider of the water used; the infant river Colne.