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Dove Morning

The Dove (Derbyshire).
Pencil and graphite on Arches watercolour paper.
76cms x 168cms.

Another work in the river drawings series; this one a large three-panel piece based on the river Dove in Derbyshire, about 2 miles west of Tissington, in Dovedale.

The temporary loan of a rather eccentric 'camper van' - essentially 'a van', with a mattress and bedding added! - enabled me to be in quite remote locations at times that would have otherwise been impractical. Hence a late Autumn mist, just after dawn, in a rather stunning valley.

Again, on one level, a simple 'hymn to a landscape'; with the river, as so often, at its heart. But also a small nod in the direction of the (then ongoing) debate about 'illusion' in art.