<back Seven Small Coastal Events: 1974  

O A R - Word No.6, in a set of seven 'Coastal Events'.

A piece created, in part, as a of way of linking the physical (landscape), with the physical 'observer'.

In the sign-language pieces I was trying to explore what I thought of as a fundamental relationship; the one between myself (as the observer within a landscape), and the particular elements that help to define that landscape...

And although sign-language uses‘words', in a sense, to describe a landscape; it also circumvents conventional ‘language', by being essentially both a physical and a visual medium.

Before the written word evolved there was a time when signs and symbols were the currency of the day; the means by which ideas might be communicated. So I hope there is a thread, through time, that links anyone who observes the sign-language pieces, with the moment any one of those small ‘events' took place.

And that the thread is both a visual and a verbal one; with the verbal one being transmitted, in a way, by a simple 'sleight of hand'...

Installation shots from Photo London 2017.
England & Co. Gallery, London.

Note: Although 'Brancaster' is given as the location on the card above, the photographs were actually taken at Thornham Harbour, about eight miles to the east.

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